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Must See Video By Former Chief Scientist for Pfizer: Michael Yeadon


Welcome to Your Source for Alternative Health Information!

World Health Organization Suggests Waiting to Vaccinate Children Under 18

America's Frontline Doctors File Suit 

America's Frontline Doctors has filed suit against HHS for the Emergency Use Authorization of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for kids as young as 12.




Those of us in the alternative health movement have been raging about this since March. Please take a good look at the chart above. Study it closely, and then watch the video below.

The image above shows how confusing the CDC charts can be when you are new to looking at them. The other important part of this graphic is the written section on Comorbidities. Read it CAREFULLY.

Only 6% of the total deaths are due *strictly* to this virus.

That is still less than 10,000 people. Total. Far less than an average flu season.

The other thing is to go to the weekly update page at the CDC Website. This will give information on where deaths have occurred, what age group, and there are links to more information to help you understand.

It only took 6 months, dozens of news stories and a screaming public to get them to start revamping their numbers and their story on this.


**Because COVID has taken over the global consciousness, I have put it at the top of this page, rather than strictly on its own page. There is more information through the link on the left  side navigation.**

Now I can get into what this site is all about!!

People the world over are beginning to investigate the world of alternative health and complimentary medicine. And its no wonder!

Your health is your most precious asset. Without it, nothing else matters. 

Yet -

The statistics are abysmal. Prescribed medications are in the top ten causes of mortality. Insurance and procedural rates are sky-rocketing. The cost of medication is astronomical. More people are sick with chronic and auto-immune disease than ever before.

There simply must be a better way.

Medical professionals are overwhelmed! There is simply so much information its all but impossible to wade through. Salesmen with slick pitches and scientific looking stat sheets are a constant distraction. New studies are coming out by the dozens a day. And that is just the conventional model!

Your doctor needs your help! 

Conventional, or allopathic medicine is advancing by the minute, but there are also time-honored, respected and efficacious methods that are still considered to be outside that model of healing.

The amount of information available about alternative healing modalities is staggering, and many times contradictory. There are also a goodly number of "snake oil salesmen" around who sell false hope for your hard-earned money.

I do not necessarily advocate a mutual exclusion between conventional and alternative health modalities. They work beautifully in tandem. 

Nothing on this site is meant to detract from traditional medical treatment nor diagnosis, but merely to provide information on additional options for healing. Thus, enabling you to empower yourself to take control of your health.

Researching the Alternatives

There are a few essential questions to ask yourself as you begin your search for alternative and/or complimentary healing options:

  • Is it something I can believe in and work with?
  • Is there any research to back up its effectiveness?
  • How easy/hard is it to implement?
  • Is it physically accessible in my current situation?
  • Can I contact people who've had success with this method?
  • How much effort/cost/time does it take?
  • What is the learning curve I have to overcome?

These are the basic questions you should be asking if you need to find an alternative health option right away. There are many more to come, but having the answers to the above is a great place to start.

As you seek further, you will understand that some methods require you learn techniques or involve a number of steps you must follow.

Other methods might require travel to a practitioner or healing center. And still others will seem so far out that there is no way you could believe they would work for anyone.

Because each person's situation is completely unique, only you can provide the answers to many of the questions above. But if you are here, you already have decided to take a pro-active approach to your own health and that of your family, so you are well on your way!

Knowing the answers to these questions will empower you to take your healing journey into your own hands and guide the ship - using your medical team as your crew instead of your keeper.

Alternative Health Options

For ease and to instill some sort of organization, I have created some broad categories within which to discuss the different available modes of healing.

Mainstream alternatives might include the use of chiropractic, homeopathic or herbal remedies. While most people know about these alternative health options, we include them here as among the easiest and most widely available options.

In addition, much work has been done in the past four or five decades on the use of not-so-mainstream plants, herbs and fungi. The therapeutic and medicinal qualities of these items well documented despite high resistance in several sectors of society. 

The idea of "food as medicine" is far from new. This nutritional approach to healing has been around since before the time of Hippocrates. We've all heard of the Atkins Diet, but there are many specialized nutritional plans out there tailored to specific diseases and other issues. 

Bodywork is another area which has become well known. Treatments such as massage, reflexology and other hands-on techniques are used to treat a myriad of conditions.

And while we're at it, other body based solutions involve specific exercises, practices such as yoga and so on. These have a section of their own, as this is a growing field.

From the concrete, physical stuff, we move now into the mental, emotional and spiritual alternative health options. Many of these still sound a bit wonky to most people, but mounting research is hard to dismiss...

Mind-based modalities consist of methods such as meditation, bio-feedback, affirmations, mirror work and so on. Emotional techniques, including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) are up and coming with much research to recommend their usage.

The spiritual and metaphysical models of alternative health are becoming more accepted as well. There has been much talk in recent years about the power of prayer, for instance. These areas are currently enjoying an uptick in research dollars, yet they have been with us for millennia.

Energy medicine and its many techniques, practices and modalities is becoming quite popular as people begin to learn about the subtle energies that compose our being. While this may sound like some new age mumbo jumbo, there is quite a bit of research documenting the efficacy of these options.

Do-It-Yourself Health

In these sections and pages you will find a host of alternative health options that you can use in the privacy of your own home. Others require a practitioner, and still others require highly trained professionals.

In most cases, you should consult your physician before embarking on an alternative path. But I have to warn you:

Even today, with all the evidence, the studies and on-going research, many traditional medical practitioners are highly resistant to much of what you will learn here.

Part of this is due to their schooling and training. Another part is financial, and yet another is the fact that many simply have not been exposed to this type of information. 

Though insurance companies are now beginning to provide coverage for some of the more mainstream alternative health practices (chiropractic, massage, etc), they are slow to accept new treatment methods and ideologies.

Tell your doctor anyway. Plant the seed. Now that you've educated yourself, help to educate them. Who knows? They might surprise you!

And for those of you lucky enough to have a physician who is accepting, maybe even curious, be ever-so grateful to have found them!!

In today's world, we simply must take a pro-active approach to caring for our own health. Doctors are so specialized that much new information slips by them. Governments don't move until pressed by their tax paying, voting constituents.

You must be willing to educate yourself so that you can educate others! You've got to be willing to take a stand whether it is for conventional medicine, complimentary adjuncts or alternative healing - or a combination of the above!

The more you know and understand about your treatment options, the better you will feel about using them. The better you feel with your choice, the more effective it will be. No matter the method.

Remember this:

You have the right as well as the responsibility to be both 100% comfortable with - and - to have complete faith/belief in any treatment or healing agent you intend to use.

ES Health News

I will never give, rent, sell or otherwise share your information with anyone. I value your trust!

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