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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is actually a real "thing!" Modern practice makes it practically an art form, but there is scientific evidence to back up many claims.

Crystals aren't just some do-dads New Agers haul out because they are bright/shiny/sparkly things that attract fluffy bunnies and unicorns. (Although... certain ones hung in a sunny window will produce rainbows!!)

Rocks and minerals are used every day in our food (salt and sulphur) and medicine (lasers etc), but most people don't realize that.

Quartz, the most abundant crystal on the planet, is used in medicine, electronics, time-keeping and has all sorts of applications most people don't even think about.

Individual types of crystals each have their own unique frequency (which can be seen as color), and their own uses. the use of crystals in  healing does indeed have a scientifically proven, if not well-accepted background!

Crystals On Your Body

Ever wonder why jewelry is so prominent in our culture? The wearing of certain metals, gems and stones dates back millennia.

Burial goods found in ancient tombs nearly always includes some form of adornment in the form of carved rocks set on string or in metal.

There is also much "folklore" that surrounds wearing particular stones on specific areas of the body. Recent research has proven that much of this lore is actually quite accurate.

Despite evidence that crystal healing actually has merit,  many stones are still worn rather like a form of reminder based on the popular association with certain "vibes" they are supposed to emit rather than actual energies they are known to have.

The precious and semi-precious stones of literature and lore are so-called not so much for their rarity, but for the uses to which they were put.

Your Environment 
Crystal Healing by Immersion

Placing crystals in certain places around your home has several benefits, and is another form of crystal healing.

A smokey quartz on your nightstand can help you to drift off, and coupled with a rose quartz or tourmaline can induce pleasant dreams.

In addition to the energies of the stone, color has meaning and measurable effects, and aesthetics also count here. Beauty has its own kind of healing energy!

Healing with Gem Elixirs

Yes, Virginia - you can drink your gemstones! Although most people have not had much experience, there is an entire body of work dedicated to creating elixirs (in the herbal world known as decoctions or teas) with the properties of certain stones.

Simple in process, easy in application, and relatively harmless in nature, certain stones do have healing qualities which can be ingested. 

It is wise, though, to seek out a qualified practitioner before experimenting with drinking gem elixirs.

Some stones are highly toxic! Others contain pigments that are toxic in the form of heavy metals. This is not an area of healing I would recommend people do on their own without serious training and study.

Like a Rock

The wearing or carrying of a crystal for certain purposes has been, as mentioned above, done purposefully for - ever.

Carrying an aventurine can bring you peace around money, and can actually attract money to you.

Bloodstone can be placed on a chakra for cleansing your blood.

We've all seen worry stones - but you can choose the type of crystal to most directly benefit what you would like to have peace/healing with.

Grid work is also beneficial for innumerable problems, issues and circumstances. A grid can be placed on the floor, outside on the ground, on a desk or altar, but they are especially effective on the body itself.

ES Health News

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