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ES Health News #2 - Alternative Health Summits, EMF Protection
February 28, 2018
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Welcome to all of my new subscribers!! We're just getting started, and I want to thank you for sharing your journey with me and for allowing me space in your inbox.

Its been a beautiful February here, and we are all enjoying the sunshine and 60 degree weather! Of course, it'll get cold again (it always does in Chicago in March!) but we'll take it while we got it!

There is a lot going on these days in the alternative health fields! Summits, classes, news releases, recalls, legislation and FDA comment periods are just some of the things happening.

Since there is so much, I guess I should get started, huh? So here we go!

With much love,


Alternative Health Classes and Summits

There are several, so rather than take up space with banners and pics, I thought text links for this issue...

You can find all the pretty clickable banners and a longer description on the site at the Online Events page.

ALL of these classes and summits are free to attend during their first run and the rerun weekends. I'll list the top three here...

Again, to see the FULL list (there are quite a few), click the link above for the online events page.

In the interest of transparency, I do have to say that if you make a purchase through the links in this newsletter, I will receive a percentage of the sale.

The commissions help to offset the costs of hosting and administering the website.

Dr. Z's Essential Oils for Abundant Living Course

The course itself will be over on March 1. HOWEVER, as I have attended the classes so far, I know its well worth registering... All 10 episodes and the Q n A will be replayed over the weekend of March 3 and 4.

Rising Up from the Depths of Diabetes and Obesity

The doctors interviewed in this series are not just your run-of-the-mill experts - they are the tops in their fields. Advice on the correlation between obesity and diabetes, prevention and self-care.

This disease can be beaten! You'll learn surprising facts that will allow you to lower your blood sugar naturally, lose weight and keep it off, and get healthy!

Tapping World Summit 10

I've attended this event every year, and there's always something new going on. EFT has been studied formally and has proven effective for mental and emotional healing of everything from mild anxiety to PTSD. It can also be used to help set and achieve goals!

It might look 'funny' - but it works, and it does so quickly, easily and effectively!

Recommended Product -

EMF Phone Protectors from VibesUP!

Crystals and minerals and essential oils (oh my!). I have the purple one - and I do have to say it works wonderfully.

I used to get headaches if I sat on the phone too long, and the phone would get really hot. Now (not quite sure if this is a good thing or not - but hey - I'm a girl!) I can sit on the phone for an hour and don't have to take an aspirin! The phone doesn't feel like a hot pan in my hand, either.

I use quite a few products from this company, and so does my family and a few close friends.

They have tons of wonderful products, and they have also had them scientifically tested - yes - there have been official studies done on many of these products. THEY WORK!

VibesUP EMF Phone Protectors

FDA Recalls

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There have been over a dozen different recalls in the past couple weeks, but these are the two that are most troublesome to the most people.

If you'd like information on all of them, please see the FDA website at FDA . You can find all the information there.

First up - we have TWO pet food recalls. The first is for dog and cat food, found to be contaminated with salmonella. Please go to TruPet Pet Food Recall
The second is much more disturbing - because they are major brands, produced by Big Heart Pet Foods, which is owned by parent company Smuckers (yes, the jelly people).

They were contaminated with a euthanasia drug: pentobarbital. Brands involved are Gravy Train, Kibbles n Bits, Ol' Roy and Skippy. They make several other brands of dog and cat food as well, but those are not subject to the recall.

You can get more information as well as the company website and phone number at People Magazine - Pets .

FDA also recalled and destroyed the entire supply of kratom (an herb used to wean people off of opiate drugs, and very useful for treating pain). While the product destroyed had apparently tested positive for salmonella, this is somewhat questionable.

Given the FDA's several year history of trying to make kratom a schedule 1 drug I find it amazing that within hours of approving yet another opiate derived pain-killer, this move was made.

They also state - falsely - that kratom is an opiate, as it can bind with opiate receptors in the body.

And finally, to add insult to injury, they claim there have been 44 deaths due to kratom since 2011... If you are old enough, you remember that in the course of 5 years, Vioxx killed more than 65,000....

You can find more information on the plant by going to Pittsburg Action News - Kratom and Cicion PR Newswire - kratom

FDA Press Release on Recall and Destruction of Kratom

Where to Find Me

While much of what is going on with the website is happening behind the scenes, I have been on social media quite a bit, and post news and updates nearly every day but Wednesdays.

Stop by at any or all below and say hello!

Empowered Self: Health FB Page

ESH Sue Diederich on LinkedIn

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