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ES Health News, Issue #001 -- FDA Wants to Stop OTC Homeopathic Remedies
February 04, 2018
Good Afternoon & Welcome!

I want to thank all of you who've subscribed to ES Health News! I was not really prepared for the generous reception, and I am greatly humbled and appreciative of your willingness to share space with me in your inbox!

I did notice that the first couple of days the download page was having some issues (I'm NOT a techy!!), so - if there was only the one PDF available, I'd love for you to go back and see if there is something else you'd like to have in your library!

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A Tad Bit of "Official" Info

The publication of this newsletter might be a bit unusual as we get going here. There is simply so much research going on - and so many things happening - it is impossible to predict.

My promise, however, is that I will not bombard you with useless information.

I will send out an issue when there is a political action that affects alternative health laws (which at the moment seems to be happening frequently). Other than that I am hoping to publish weekly.

I have also researched to be sure that anything I recommend is of the highest quality from people who command the utmost respect in their fields.

I understand, respect and uphold the highest responsibility because I value your health and your trust. I believe it is passed time when we should be empowered to make our own choices, and that we need valid information in order to do so effectively and safely.

Please realize that some (not all) of the recommendations I make will return a commission if you choose to make a purchase. Those funds are used to grow and maintain the website, and to provide my main income.

Finally, I invite your full participation in deciding the direction as well as the content for Empowered Self: Health - be it on the site itself or in this newsletter!

I have reams of information and resources to add to the site, so if there is something you need or want to find out about "NOW" please do let me know! I've been researching for well more than a decade - if I don't have it I will point you to the people who do.

The same goes for content - if you have information, experience or comments (even complaints) to share, please do! I would love to have your input - privately or to share publicly!

Feature Article

I don't really have a feature article to share in this first edition... what I do have is an urgent call for action.

It seems the FDA would like to promulgate yet another rule against homeopathic OTC remedies. They have a comment period which we are nearing the end of.

If you have had positive experience with homeopathy, or even if you just have an opinion about homeopathy, homeopathic medicines or its/their availability in this country, please, please PLEASE go and leave a comment!!!

To keep this short and to the point:

Below you will find a link directly to the comment page for the proposed rule


A link to an article about the topic at Green Med Info so you can learn more about it.

In the future (if I can get permission) I will occasionally be putting some of their articles here directly, but for now a link must suffice.

Green Med Info Article - FDA Trying to Ban OTC Homeopathy

Please note that there is a section at the bottom with the comment page link for FDA, but also:

If you live in CO, NM, PA, TN, WA, or UT, they are asking you to contact your legislators (and provide a link)...

I have always advocated, though, that state doesn't matter - what matters is that people have support. I have contacted all of those legislators, though I live in IL.

I urge you, if you have the time and inclination, to do so also - even if you don't live in one of those states.

We may still shop or visit there, and the money we spend in those states counts too. Besides... it might be our turn next.

FDA Federal Register Comment Page - Homeopathy OTC Remedies

Thank You!!

I want to thank you once again for sharing your time and space with me - together we can make this a much healthier world and planet!!

And thanks for putting up with this far-from-professional first issue. My promise is to do much better in all future editions!


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