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Energy Healing - Ancient Techniques for Modern Times

Energy healing covers an entire realm of modalities from meditation to energy medicine, to reiki and more. New methods and modalities are being discovered and developed nearly on a daily basis!

This is a difficult area to keep up with. While some scientific study has been done, much more of the evidence is empirical.

There seems to be no central clearinghouse space for data collection from individual practitioners. Yet, every last one of them will give reams of success stories, and testimonials are everywhere.

Having had personal experience with some techniques and being a reiki master myself, I can vouch for the efficacy - and for the fact that a client does not need to believe in it in order for it to work for them.

Reiki - Attuned Energy Healing

Reiki is a form of energy healing that originates in Japan. There are two main schools, but basically one core technique.

Reiki can be administered "remotely," meaning that the client need not be physically present to receive the treatment. It may also be a hands-on practice. It depends on the client, the practitioner and the situation.

Reiki is taught in three phases. The culmination of the third phase successful student is to be given the title of Reiki Master, who can then go out and teach (giving attunements) as well as use their skills with clients.

Phototherapy - Using Light to Heal

Some forms of phototherapy are very mainstream already. Red and blue LED lights are used by dentists, dermatologists and more.

The most well-known use of photo- or light-therapy is in the treatment of jaundice in newborns. Doctors will now send home blue light units to place in the baby's crib to cure this now common condition.

Eczema and psoriasis are now also commonly treated with light.

Infra-red and near-infra-red light is used in physical therapy, and infra-red saunas are all the rage these days - you can even get one to install in your home!

Lasers, though not really for home use, also are forms of light therapy. Ruby, emerald, and sapphire lazers are used in oncology and other medical situations. In this way, lasers could also be considered a form of crystal healing!

Sound Healing 
Benefits of Tone, Voice and Music

Did you know you can use your own voice to heal? Systems using a person's voice (with or without an ability to sing!) have existed since the dawn of time.

We've all experienced the affects of tone on our mood and our sensations. Certain sustained tones can affect the body in miraculous ways. Tuning forks are used in many modalities of energy healing.

Binaural beats (paired pulses used as a background in certain musical compilations), tripnaural beats, and so on, produce very specific results and are often combined with guided meditations or hypnosis to achieve healing.

Music, and the frequency that it is broadcast or played at, can have a profound effect on your energy systems and physical body. There are several notable artists who work and research in this field. 

In fact, several researchers have studied the pyramids of Egypt in relation to sound... Many of the pyramids have been built to "tune" a certain frequency!

Cymatics (physical effects of sound visually displayed) is a budding science all its own. You might be familiar with it through Walt Disney's "Fantasia." But it has been used in scientific study for decades and there is much work out there to peruse.

Energy Medicine - Using Your Body's Energy Patterns for Healing

Having been a rather informal student of both Donna Eden and Barbara Brennan, I have a good background in this branch of energy healing.

Energy medicine uses minimal touch compared to acupressure, but works on the same principles. Working with the meridians, chakras, and even more subtle energy systems of the body, energy medicine can effect profound results for a myriad of issues.

Each treatment is tailored to the client, hands on, hands off, and exercises can be given to adjust the energies involved in whatever issue presents itself.

Certain practices are designed for the client to do at home, with or without a partner. They are simple, easy and can be performed very quickly - and just about anywhere.

Scalar Healing

Scalar energy is an energy wave  - actually more of a field of energy - capable of travelling at faster-than-light speeds and penetrating solid objects, including the body. Other names for these waves are longitudinal waves or Tesla waves.

Proposed and then discovered in the mid-1800's, and worked with by Nicola Tesla in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, scalar waves are indeed real - and they can be used in healing.

There are several methods of employing this energy in healing, from the active to the purely passive. It depends on the condition and the severity of symptoms.

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective healing is a highly evolved form of energy interaction, enhancing our health and quality of life. It promotes our own natural healing abilities.

An energy healing  system encompassing energy, light and information, it is another evolution of energy medicine. It can be learned by anyone, and is effective beyond the obvious relaxation and pain control issues.

It does not necessarily treat did-ease, but it creates a coherence in the energies of the body, thus allowing healing to occur.

Distance (Remote) Healing

Distance, or remote healing can involve many many modalities. It is even mentioned in the Bible! Its been around forever and can range from sending "good thoughts" to a friend who is sick, all the way to a formal practice with measurable results.

From prayer to chanting for an absent client, to reiki, to scalar, many energy healing techniques can be performed remotely.

Some forms require a picture of the client to be presented. Many do not. It is, however, always helpful for the practitioner to have a name and location sans a picture, though.

Remote healing is all about the focusing capabilities of the practitioner. Therefore, the more the practitioner knows about the client, the more effective the healing will be.

All remote healing is based on intention and concentration. Some research has been done in the past. Today, several prestigious organizations are doing some very serious, very rigorous research on this topic. It is finally coming into its own!

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