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Mental Healing Techniques
You Can Use Now

My first introduction to the idea of mental healing was through books written by Dr. Bernie Siegel. He was very successful in using meditation and visualization to help his patients cope with cancer.

Most of these techniques are quite simple, but either we "think too much" and make them difficult, or we simply don't know the power we have in our hands (er.... minds!).

Calming and Directing Your Mind for Mental Healing

Meditation is widely known and almost universally accepted as a wonderful healing technique. It can work for everything from emotional and mental issues to pain and physical illness.

There are many, many types of meditation. From attempting to completely empty the mind, practicing deliberate focus  to simply noticing your breathing, there is a practice for everyone.

Closely related is the practice of visualization. Don't worry if you can't "see" things in your mind with your eyes closed. Many people hear, feel or simply think their visualizations. 

With both meditation and visualization, the use of guided imagery makes the process easier and faster to master. There are some incredible programs out there with products to help.

Closely related is the use of mindfulness in mental healing. It is, simply put, what it is. Mindfulness is the act of being present in this very moment. Right now.

It is practicing presence with everything - your thoughts, feelings, emotions, the situation and the environment around you. It means paying attention.

When you know what IS, you can work with it. Mindfulness opens doors. Opens perception. Opens your spirit!

There is a very good site on mental healing, run by a friend of mine. She covers far more aspects of this field than I do, with great depth and clarity. Be sure to hop on over and take a look at all she has to offer! Her site is called Mind to Succeed, and her name is Mandy. 

Intention and Affirmations 

We work with intentions all the time. From the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed at night, we move through life using intention. 

Using intention specifically requires making a decision, writing, speaking (or both!) it out, and having the knowledge and conviction that it will happen. There are helpful tips to make this work for you.

Affirmations, simply put, are positive statements that you say, think or write repeatedly. Take your intention, put a positive face on it, and create your affirmation as if it already happened.

"I am so grateful and happy now that....." There are no limits and very few rules to creating effective affirmations. The jury is still out, however, on their effectiveness.

My gut feeling is that it has to do with crafting a statement that you can believe in. Not sure, but it can't hurt to start with the first step and as that works, move to bigger and better things.

Mirror Work

One of my favorite, yet one of the most uncomfortable practices I've used in my own healing work is mirror work. It is incredibly simple. It was not that easy though.

Basically, mirror work involves looking yourself in the eye in a mirror, and making statements to yourself. With feeling.

This is profoundly powerful. There are several people teaching this work, too. It is NOT that it is so hard to conceptualize. Students generally are not prepared for the depth  and breadth of what can be accomplished through the use of mirror work.

I tell my own story of using this method on the page dedicated to this incredible practice....

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