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Because there are SOoooo many online events in the holistic and alternative health space, I'm going to put them all here.

I will be updating this page as needed to keep everything up-to-date. It seems there are several happening all at the same time, and I know most of us cannot sign up to all of them, so I figured I'd create a sort of list for everybody.

No special plugs, just banners you can click to find out more information and sign up to attend the free screening of the events.

I will not post the event updates here, but those things will be on social media and the site blog. That way, there won't be 1000 pages to see here!!


These events are not listed in any particular order. I will do my best to delete those which are over, and get new ones up as quickly as I hear of them - but be sure to check the dates!!

All of them are online events and all are free to attend during screening. Most will include a 1 - 2 day encore as well.

For several of them, I am a partner, which means that if you purchase the series for your personal library, I may receive compensation.

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Special Note to Business Owners: If you would like to share these events with your audience, please scroll to the bottom section:       "JV OPPS"

Happening NOW!!

One of the most highly anticipated and informative alternative health series of the year!!!

Betrayal Docuseries 2019 ~BET19

Be sure to sign up now to get your free transcripts and recipe book. Episode 1 is airing!!

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