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Spiritual Healing Techniques

From prayer to shamanic practices, the methods of spiritual healing are as unique as we are as individuals. Ritualized practices as old as humanity are being investigated these days. New spiritual techniques are coming out as well.

Please do not confuse the term "spiritual" with "religious." 

Spiritual refers to anything that a person can accept or experience as healing to one's body, mind or soul. If a technique doesn't do it for you, that's fine. However, many of these techniques have been proven useful and effective.

Healing Prayer

We have been taught for thousands of years that prayer is an effective form of healing. Perhaps we have dismissed the idea as being simplistic or naïve, but its not.

Entire books have been written about the scientific study of the use of prayer to heal everything from a bad cut to cancer and heart disease. In fact, there are ongoing studies even now.

It has also been proven that the prayers of a group of people are more direct, effective and faster than those of an individual in most cases. Yes, "wherever two or more are gathered" is indeed true!

Spiritual Healing

I will be using this page to highlight some of the more obscure and esoteric forms of spiritual healing. Ideas such as calling in one's guides and angels, working with energy vortices and so on will be documented on this page.

By their very nature, these methods are hard to define and hard to study. The ephemeral benefits of such modalities are generally felt as increased or sustained feelings of well-being, and not necessarily as the abatement of symptoms or problems.

This ephemeral quality makes the quantification of results nearly impossible as it is too personal and subjective to apply current scientific methods to.

Nonetheless, these techniques are included here because they cannot do any harm, but have the potential to provide great benefit to those who partake of their availability.

Shamanic Healing

Indigenous cultures have employed rituals to heal since people began to gather into family and tribal units. Highly sophisticated and often intricate techniques are used to produce immediate relief and profound healings.

Study of shamanism has largely been the domain of psychologists and sociologists, but recently some shamanic techniques and rituals have become more well known by the public.

Ideas such as soul retrieval and the ingestion of certain substances, as well as documentation of rituals themselves have been in the media and on the web for quite a while now - more than 30 years in some cases.

Americans are beginning to seek out traditionally trained shamans for healing everything from diabetes and cancer to psychological issues, and there have been some glowing successes reported - enough that true investigation and study are beginning to happen.

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is a complimentary modality of spiritual healing. It is not meant to work outside of the allopathic model, but rather with it.

It is a series of practices that is based on the idea that the body, when enabled to do so, will heal due to its own innate knowledge and ability to do so.

Pranic practices enhance the body's ability to absorb and utilize medications and supplements, while at the same time aligning the energies, emotions and creating balance in all systems.

Breathing and meditation techniques, along with simple exercises form the basis of this form of spiritual healing.

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