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This page is specific to videos I find to be particularly empowering and informative. I have the utmost respect for the people as well as the information they present, and wanted to have a place to showcase their knowledge. 

I do NOT have any of my own on this page as yet, and there are no concrete plans to produce any at this point. I have, however, researched the information presented, and feel confident you will find great value in these presentations.

The Doctors Wolfson

Dr. Jack Wolfson,  is a board-certified cardiologist based in Paradise Valley, AZ. He speaks on issues of natural heart health, Paleo lifestyle and men's health. 

His wife, Heather Wolfson DC, is a chiropractic physician, who speaks on issues of women's health, holistic living, nutrition and the dangers of vaccines .

The Drs. Wolfson

I found this while looking for something else... However, I took the time to watch it and what he is saying is so spot on that I am honored to place this video first in line on the site!

Vita Pedrazzi - This Lady is Brilliant!

I stumbled upon Vita purely by accident. Seems lately that all my best finds online have been "lucky accidents!"

I've been having some problems with my teeth and occasionally check the web for new information to help me out. I found a video, and I've been hooked ever since...

Vita's blog is a delightful mix of spirituality, herbalism, health information, science and more. She shares her personal story, and enlightens along the way. Like me, she experimented (and continues to) on herself to create healing and balance - and its all there. 

Vita Lives Free

She's definitely worth checking out. I've included one of my favorite videos below to give you a taste of what you'll find on her youtube channel and on the blog. Enjoy!!

ES Health News

I will never give, rent, sell or otherwise share your information with anyone. I value your trust!

Valerie Mae's

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