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Hi! I'm Sue

I thought I might take a minute to introduce myself and let you know a little about me and why I built this site...

About Me: The Boring Stuff...

I'm a 50-something housewife with a wonderful daughter, two rambunctious pre-teen grand-daughters and a house full of pets. Two of everything - dogs, cats, birds, fish, and reptiles, lol.

I spend 4 days a week helping out some friends on their horse farm, in exchange for storage in their barn. I've always loved horses, and so this is really the best of all worlds for me! I get to have all the fun (and I don't mind mucking out stalls), but none of the expense or worries of owning my own. How can it get any better than this?!

I grew up in a family where the women always had kitchen gardens. My grandmother and mother grew many of their own vegetables, so I learned early. I feel incomplete if I do not have something growing! 

I've had veggie gardens, both culinary and medicinal herb gardens, a dyer's garden and more. I even turned the yard of one of the houses I've lived in into a mini-farm - complete with fruit and nut trees, a tiny vineyard for grapes and other berries, herbs, veggies and a hen. (You really need more than one, but she was an "orphan" - I couldn't help it!

We grow quite a bit of our own veggies, and some day ("God willing and the creek don't rise") I will be on my farm, growing most of what I eat (yes, animals included), many of my own medicines and teaching others to do the same.

I might have to research growing sugar cane, cacao and coffee....

This site, though,  is my next step, and I hope you will benefit greatly from it!

Why a Site about Alternative Health?

A few decades ago, I went through a series of health challenges. In my early 20's, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer. I did choose surgery, however I opted out of the chemo and radiation.

I chose diet, supplements and meditation instead.

I had a recurrence about three years later, but again decided against becoming friends with my doctor's preferred oncologist. Obviously, I'm fine now! (No recurrences since in more than 26 years.)

At 26 I was told that I had allergies basically to everything in my life. Literally, they told me the only things they could say I was NOT allergic to were grass and trees.

I took three sets of shots for these allergies, each two weeks apart. Every two weeks I wound up with what they called "allergic pneumonia." I had to take a leave from work which wound up lasting nearly 8 months...

While I still suffer from some allergic reactions, I really can enjoy all my pets, working with horses and camping without drowning and having other reactions.

Incidentally, when the shots didn't work, they finally sent me to an ENT specialist.

He found that most of my problem actually had to do with a deviated septum which so thoroughly blocked one side of my sinuses that I suffered from chronic staph infections. This had been a life long problem.

Another surgery largely dealt with all of that. No drugs.

And - by the way - Doctor Moore, if you are reading this (and even if you never see it) I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU! You gave me the life back that I'd never been able to live previously and I am forever grateful.

New Life Stages

In the past 13 years I've found myself in an almost constant situation of caring for others who are going through health crises, or in the process of passing on.

My daughter Jen has had three surgeries on her knee and two very serious back surgeries. She is currently researching alternatives to a spinal fusion.

My mother passed at Thanksgiving 2004, ostensibly from lung cancer, though there were tumors in her breasts, brain and elsewhere. The following winter her mother died of Alzheimer's Disease. 

During all of this, my first grand-daughter Julie was born in 2005, which started a whole new branch for my research. Jaimie, my youngest grand-daughter, made her debut in May of 2007.

Since that time, many of my friends and relatives have presented with various situations and illnesses: diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, fibromyalgia, chronic bladder infection,  arthritis, MS, various cancers.

My father was sent home into hospice in July for terminal congestive heart failure. He is, fortunately as of New Year's Day 2018, still with us.

He is now off of the oxygen, off of one inhaler, reducing the usage of his nebulizer, and walking without both walker and cane. Not too shabby for a guy that wasn't supposed to make it to the holidays! BRAVO DAD!

All of the above have benefited greatly from conventional allopathic treatments - combined with various alternative health measures with which they were either already familiar, or became comfortable with during their respective illnesses.

Enter: The National Animal ID System

In the earliest years of our new century, the wizards at the USDA decided they were going to (borrowing a term) HARMonize our agricultural industry with the EU.

Beyond creating a Codex Alimentarius office (FDA), the USDA decided it would be a great idea to tag all "livestock" in the country with an RFID chip, and track them all 24/7. Right down to the last backyard chicken. This was called the National Animal Identification System (NAIS for short.)

Icky BAD. (Not to mention that the real problem children - factory farms and CAFOs only had to have one chip for an entire herd!)

OK - so it STILL ticks me off.....

Anyway - along with hundreds of others in the US, mainly homesteaders (which I've always wanted to do), small and family farmers and co-op owners, we did a ton of research.

In the ten years that it took to fight and ultimately lose that battle (we now have the ATP, or Animal Traceability Program), we did an IMMENSE amount of research.

Studying up on GMOs, pesticides, farming methods and fertilizers led into researching nutrition, cooking and food preservation. From there we looked into medicine, sanitation and so on. All of these subjects are interrelated, and all are critically important to our health.

Its Hard to Un-Know What You Know!

Because I never had to work outside the house during those years, I spent an average of 60, and sometimes as many as 100 hours per week doing research, writing papers, collaborating with many others and mainly collecting data.

I am far from being alone in this - there were dozens if not hundreds of us doing the very same thing. And we were (and some of us still are) in contact with each other.

The more I learned, the more irate and disgusted I became. That is no way to live. (And it is certainly Unhealthy!)

So, to gain some balance, I started taking all this negative information I had and researching viable, healthy and uplifting alternatives.

This information is desperately needed. And people - people like you - are looking!!

It has been called quackery, and worse, but the proof is out there. Alternatives exist, and they WORK!!

There are so many ways you can improve your health, overcome what ails you, increase your energy and keep your family healthy! 

So There You Have It -

I share my resources, knowledge and continuing research with you with the sincere wish that you will find hope, inspiration and confidence in your health choices.

Whether you choose traditional, conventional, alternative, or a combination of options,

May you feel - and BE - empowered to make the absolute best choice for yourself and your family!

ES Health News

I will never give, rent, sell or otherwise share your information with anyone. I value your trust!

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