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It will come as no surprise that I am definitely pro-CHOICE when it comes to vaccination in any form at any age group. The science does not support the current vaccination schedule - as a matter of fact science condemns it.

Whatever people's position on vaccinations is, the creation of a mandatory rule at any level of government cannot be allowed to happen.

There are currently bills passing through state legislatures in several states..... We all need to take action NOW.

It is currently 12:05 CDT, February 20, 2019, and Erin Elizabeth (Health Nut News) is doing a watch party on Dr. Scott Gottlieb's February 15 news release encouraging state and federal legislators to eliminate vaccination exemptions throughout country.

Gottliieb's statement was made on February 15th. We are late...

Update: Thursday February 21,2019

See also, my facebook post, which gives direct contact links, as well as a link to the GOVERNMENT page on this site. This page gives information on all state and territorial legislators as well as federal officials. 

Please take action and please share!!!

Congressional Testimony on Mandatory Vaccination -
Contact Your State and Federal Legislators NOW!

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